Carcavelos DOC, Villa Oeiras, Superior, 15 yrs, Gold, 750 ml

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Villa Oeiras Superior, Gold – (Galego Dourado, Boal, Ratinho and Arinto)

If you are familiar with the Lisbon – Cascais area, when you hear “Carcavelos”, you rightly think of surf & beach. However, this beautiful area is also home to the smallest and one of the most exclusive Portuguese DOCs – the Carcavelos Fortified Wine.

Claiming Portugal´s reputation for Fortified Wine, Carcavelos can be Red or White and both have a much higher value than their current prices. The long maturation in oak barrels gives Carcavelos a fine caramel & almond touch that no other liqueur wine has, while its unique blend of Portuguese grape varieties can preserve a surprising freshness, even after decades.

Today, this exclusive DOC has got only a handful of producers and such a small group guarantees the highest standard of quality in every single bottle that carries the name Carcavelos DOC on its label.

Villa Oeiras´ Carcavelos is produced by the Câmara Municipal de Oeiras in the historic vineyards of Quinta do Marquês de Pombal. Superior with 15 years in barrels of french and portuguese oak – are a nice surprise and a perfect pairing with deserts, cheese and for your apéritif with friends.