When you come to live in Portugal, you are told that supermarkets are good places to buy Portuguese wines - and this is partially true, as you can find a good variety of options in these shops. Nevertheless, the real Portuguese wine treats do not make it to these shops as small producers of top-quality wines do not have enough volume nor financial capabilities to enter big chains.

On the other hand, you also become surprised on how rare it is to find non-Portuguese wines in bars, restaurants or in the stores, especially taking into consideration that some of the finest wine producers in the world are just next door.

The CORRIEIRA Wine Club proposal is to help fill these gaps – presenting the hidden gems of the Portuguese vines to people living in Portugal and elsewhere, while offering a hand-picked selection of the greatest terroirs of the world in Portugal.

By closing the distance between the consumer and the producers, we support the small, innovative and creative winemakers that strive for quality and differentiation.

All of this in a simple and relaxed way, between one and another glass of wine. CORRIEIRA Wine Club - wines from here and there.