Saint Pourçain AOC, Domaine RAY, Font Gervin 2015

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Saint Pourçain AOC, Domaine RAY, Font Gervin 2015 – Pinot Noir and Gamay – aged in oak barrels

Though the Saint Pourçain region has been producing wine since the Roman times, they were never in the spotlights in France.  This has nevertheless recently changed when a group of wine growers succeeded in finding the right balance and maturation of the different grape varieties and achieved their own appellation status in 2009.

 Although officially belonging to the Loire Valley region, Saint Pourçain AOC vineyards are actually closer to Bourgogne (150km from Macôn) and this proximity is noticeable by the grapes present in their blends.

 If you have a preconception about the Gamay grape, Domaine RAY, Font Gervin will defy you – its elaborate blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay produces a wine with medium body and elegant tannins that magnificently accompany elaborate dishes of poultry or meat with delicate sauces.