Lalande de Pomerol AOC, Château La Croix Romane 2016

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Lalande de Pomerol AOC, Château La Croix Romane, 2016 Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Aged in oak barrels

With the significant price increases that have swept the Bordeaux wines in the recent past, few sub-appellations have still managed to keep a fair price-value relation - Lalande de Pomerol is one of those. Benefiting from the Atlantic influence and the presence of numerous watercourses, Lalande de Pomerol has a unique microclimate that proves to be exceptional to viticulture.

 Château La Croix Romane is a classic example of this appellation. The attractive notes of blackberry combined with oak, spices and a hint of leather will please your nose. On the palate the wine is both smooth and tonic, very well-balanced with red and black fruits and mellow tannins.

 A wine with character to accompany meat and cheese dishes.