"Carcavelos Wine Tour" at Quinta da Corrieira

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Enjoy a super interesting and educational Wine Tour

Set up in the late 70’s, Quinta da Corrieira Grande is the only private producer of the locally famous “Wine of Carcavelos”. During this tour you will learn about the history, origin and production methods of this fortified wine, and have a taste of some of the regions finest wines.

You will try a table wine from the used varieties, a red fortified wine from “Quinta da Corrieira” and of course a glas of our treasure a white Vinho de Carcavelos 15yrs.

What is included?

  • Welcome at the farm
  • Guided tour through the fields and the winery
  • Wine tasting
  • Access to wine shop and tasting room 


  • White Wine from Casal de Manteiga, grape varieties: Arinto, Galego Dourado and Ratinho
  • Red fortified wine from Quinta da Corrieira
  • Carcavelos Wine from Villa Oeiras, 15 years