Carcavelos DOC, Quinta da Corrieira, Colheita 2012, 500 ml - preorder -

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P R E - O R D E R   our limited first edition of our own Vinho de Carcavelos

The story of our 2012 vintage is one of delicate balance. Gentle spring rains cradled our vines and summers warmth coaxed the grapes to ripeness.
We anticipated this cadence and harvested before the autumn rains, resulting in outstanding wine that celebrates natures artistry of that year.
A velvety texture and amber hue carrying caramel notes and woody, nutty aromas, our 2012 Vinho de Carcavelos echos the interplay of elements that weave it together: limestone soil, salty coastal winds, sun-drenched days, and careful oak barrel aging that breeds a graceful balance of sweetness and acidity.
A treasure in Portugals heritage, Vinho de Carcavelos was cherished by European royalty and the marquis of pombal.
Corroboborating their unwavering commitment to remarkable wine-making, it remains a cherished gem among wine connoisseurs, celebrated for its rich history and exquisite taste.
In finance fast-paced world, we longed to connect with nature. Amidst Atlantic’s embrace and Sintra’s untamed beauty, Quinta da Corrieira whispered promise of rejuvenation.
Our story testifies to the power of rediscovery as we cultivate ourselves and the land through this project.
This packaging was carefully crafted with Portuguese cork to pay respect to Portugal’s resources and environment. Reuse and give it a new life by offering a nest for the birds or holding your belongings.

The delivery of this little treasure will happen during the month of April.